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Weddings are a fun, happy and exciting time for many people. The fun for us at Stoke Interactive comes while helping a bride and groom bring their vision to life. Custom weddings are different than most projects, since it’s only for one day. But these memories and dreams last a lifetime. You want your night to be very personal while including all the guests. However, the real focus is on the bride and groom. Through the branding of decor, invitations, welcome bags, and favors, there are many ways to accomplish the task of making it special to each person.

For this custom wedding, we branded the entire weekend through the use of logos, custom wood work, and small details to help bring to life the environment the wedding took place at. We played off the Arizona desert theme, working with the colors, materials, and emotions the desert brings us organically.

We started with a custom website, which can be seen here. The look and the feel of the website carried though to the Save The Date postcards and later with the actual invitations. Each piece was used to incorporate the bride and the groom, so it felt very personal. We took a photo the 2 that was taken just moments after the proposal on a beach in Mexico. We outlined the couple, and used this to create their custom logo, which was used on all of their printed collateral.

Since the wedding was a destination wedding and lasted an entire weekend, the couple decided it would be nice to have welcome bags at the resort when the guests checked in. The bags had their personal logo printed on them and included snacks, water, flyers of information, and lip butters as gifts from the San Francisco based company Say Yes To Carrots. The resort they picked lent it’s hand very nicely to the desert feel they were looking to create for their guests. They chose the Carefree Resort + Conference Center in Carefree, Arizona which was a perfect location to introduce the out-of-towners to the beautiful Arizona landscape. The stars were shinning, the moon was full and the temperature was perfect! The guests raved at the choice the bride and groom made by picking this special spot. We worked hard with Emily Kix, the resort’s Senior Catering Manager, as well as Erica Watson, the Owner of White Hot Events, to help make every detail perfect for the couple.

The theme was “rustic elegance,” so we used a lot of wood to bring in the rustic feel. We created the custom woodwork by using a wood burner to feature their brand on a variety of different items including their cake stand, table numbers, signs, and more. We also used chalkboards to help bring a playful touch to the night. We built from hand a custom rustic chuppah for the bride and the groom to be married under, and added some simple touches to make it more elegant, including white tulle and burlap. We created a custom sign using their font to show where each event was being held (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception). We also made them a custom name block which they placed on their sweetheart table and now sits on display in their home.

Stoke Interactive had a lot of fun with their printed materials. Our personal favorite was the table cards for each guest. Depending on what the guest had indicated they would like to eat on their RSVP, they had corresponding table cards. There were 3 choices: Steak, Salmon or Vegetarian. The table cards then matched their choice on the menu paled at each spot. Also created was a custom ketubah (or jewish wedding vows that now hangs in the couple’s home), that included both of the bride and grooms wishes and desires for a happy life long marriage.

The program for the ceremony included a lot of personal information, but we were able keep it light hearted with a fun design. It had all of the bridal party’s names, the story of the bride and groom, and little snippets of information about the ceremony and traditions the guests would witness throughout the ceremony. These programs matched the flyers that were included in the welcome bags the guests had received the day before.

Overall the weekend was a huge success. The little details helped bring their love to life. We had so much fun being a part of the planning and can’t wait for the next wedding! Please contact us to help bring your vision to life. Everyone’s own wedding is so personal and everyone has a different vision. Working together to make everything special is where the fun is! Let us help you bring your biggest wishes (that you’ve had since you were 5) to life!

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