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When we are approached by other creative companies, we know we’re in for an enjoyable experience. New York based production house, Figure and Groove, approached us in need of a fresh website design and an overall revamp of their current brand direction. Their old website was outdated, lacked content (including current work), and was Flash based with many broken links. During our investigative conversations, they voiced their desire for a modern, clean, and sophisticated website that would show off their work to potential future clients. As a growing business, it was important that there new site was scalable to grow with them. They needed to be able to keep the site’s content up-to-date and editable by their staff. We were excited and quickly began work.

To meet their needs, we started by building a customized backend, using custom fields and a content management system. We created an easy to use dashboard where they can add, edit, sort, or remove items from their galleries. The galleries were designed to be sorted by category and by page, allowing each piece of work to be showcased and spotlighted with a few simple clicks. Content is easily added, and manageable with simple drag and drop functions. With these new tools, they can keep their website up-to-date by maintaining it themselves. Now, Figure and Groove has more time to focus on their work, not their website maintenance.

Figure and Groove is where music lives and breathes, so we wanted to ensure that the front-end of their website showed off their talent and capabilities to the world. The new site is clean, simple, scalable, and responsive. The spotlight shines on their work, which now lives and breathes in a complementary environment. The design was created to have an industrial feel, with a monochromatic color palate that works with any movie, T.V., or album cover promo that they add.

The results are powerful – the website is seamless, sleek, and strong, carrying them for years to come.


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  • April 2016
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