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This is what Stoke Interactive is all about: beautiful design, innovative ideas, all while helping the world! When the founder of MOYO Peanut Butter came to the Stoke Interactive owners several years ago, MOYO was just an idea. Today, it is a newly launched company based in Boulder, Colorado. At Stoke, we have had the honor of watching the project grow from a small idea into a full brand and product line. We supported every step along the way in bringing MOYO to where it is today.

So what is MOYO? MOYO, meaning ‘Heart & Soul’ in Swahili, is nutritionally enhanced Peanut Butter with whole-food ingredients, designed to fuel your feats of greatness – at the office, in the airport, or on the playground. It’s perfect, portable nutrition for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Developed by a team of elite athletes, sports physicians, and nutritionists, MOYO is the superfood alternative to sugary sport gels and bars. As an all-natural superfood, MOYO is formulated with omega 3s and whole-food micronutrients believed to decrease general inflammation, improve heart health, and regulate body weight. Consider it your secret weapon for training and competition. The coolest part about MOYO Peanut Butter, is that for every ounce of MOYO you buy, an ounce of life-saving therapeutic peanut butter is donated to a malnourished child. This makes MOYO good for your body, good for your soul, and good for the world.

MOYO’s manufacturing and non-profit philanthropy partner, MANA Nutrition, is a leader in producing and distributing peanut butter based ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) to children in Africa, Asia, and other regions suffering from disastrous food shortages and childhood malnutrition. In cooperation with MANA Nutrition, MOYO Peanut Butter will provide children suffering from severe acute malnutrition (SAM) with sustainable access to a cure. It is estimated that five million children die every year due to poor nutrition. Leading organizations agree that the best way to treat the most severe cases, those with SAM, is through peanut butter based RUTF. The UNICEF budget currently funds treatment for only about 20 percent of those who need RUTF. MOYO’s mission is in working to reach the other 80 percent.

Once officially launched at our online store, MOYO Peanut Butter’s ounce for ounce proposition will turn ordinary grocery shoppers into heroes — super-fueling their bodies while giving them a powerful, quantifiable connection to a life they’re helping save.

MOYO Peanut Butter is available in four unique flavors: Just Plain Good — representing the United States; Aztec Cinnamon-Chia Crunch — representing Central America; Africocoa Crunch — representing Africa; and Himalayan Zingi Ginger — representing Nepal.

Stoke took over the brand direction (based on branding from a partnering design/advertising firm, Pereira O’Dell in San Francisco) and implemented it into the website design and packaging for MOYO Peanut Butter. We are honored to be an official partner of MOYO as they find ways to bring MOYO to life through technology on and off the web.

This project was especially fun for Stoke Interactive because we had an all hands on deck approach for this project. This was truly a group collaboration, and continues to be.

Matt was a HUGE help with the backend coding of MOYO Peanut Butter’s website, blog, and online store (opening soon), making sure every little detail was perfect and that the site shined in every browser. Jen was a big help with social media and blogging for the launch as well as being an ear for ideas to be bounced around. Lindsay designed the website, and coded much of the front end with the help of Matt. This is going to be a thriving partnership between two companies. Thank you to all who have helped and who are involved. Now go tell your friends about this new peanut butter!

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