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TRW Automotive is a worldwide and well-established automotive safety parts supplier. For the last few years, they’ve been working hard to develop a new line of high performance—after market brake pads. When TRW approached Stoke Interactive, they were looking for a cost-effective solution for their photographic needs. The needed photos were taken for TRW’s electronic catalog. With 750+ new products and part numbers stacked on pallets in their Garrett, Indiana warehouse, the Stoke Interactive photography production team got to work.

When Stoke first arrived on site, we were a little overwhelmed. We had four days to unpack, set-up, shoot, and repack 750+ brake pad kits. These kits consisted of 4-8 individual brake pads and countless pieces of small hardware.With access to the warehouse being limited to about 12 hours a day, we knew we had to average over 15 kits an hour to stay on schedule. That breaks down to unpacking, shooting, and repacking a kit about every 4 minutes. So how did we manage this crazy schedule? At Stoke Interactive, we’re full of passion, fueled by fire, and a little bit of tenacity.

We quickly dug in, setting up a full product photography studio in the back corner of this massive warehouse. We came prepared with two sets of Elinchrom BX500ri studio flash packages, two Canon 5d MKIIs, tripods, various L-series lenses, a whole lot of cords, and a 27” iMac. Our comprehensive list of gear and years of experience in the photography industry ensured that our team stayed on task and on schedule. After a few test shots, we really got the workflow down. Our Director of Media Production, Craig Beckman, played many rolls on this job, including creative director, photographer, lead retoucher, and producer. With his trusty assistant and brother, Matthew Beckman, by his side, they were able to unpack, shoot, and repack these brake pad kits simultaneously. With all of their hard work, they were able to finish a few hours ahead of schedule, which they used to get a few hours of rest before the rigorous retouching adventure began.

A project that involves retouching 750+ photos in multiple variations is a daunting task. This project required that we cut out all of the intricate hardware and brake pads and drop them on pure white backgrounds (which was not able to be achieved in camera due to lighting conditions beyond our control).  We got to work immediately, anticipating around 800 hours of retouching. With 3 retouchers working from a distance in different corners of the country, we worked our magic again to stay on time and on budget. With a total of 720 hours into retouching, we delivered the photos to TRW Automotive in three different sizes.

Even for a well-established, worldwide leader like TRW Automotive, expanding to a new market can be difficult. The experts at Stoke Interactive took TRW Automotive’s quality product and helped to fuel the fire for this new line of high-performance aftermarket parts. So if you’re looking for quality replacement parts at a fraction of the OEM price, check them out!

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  • July 2012
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