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Recently, we had the pleasure of making over a local therapist’s personal website. Bobette Siegel had a website but it was very outdated and wasn’t up to the latest standards for SEO. She requested having there be a way for potential clients be able to reach her instantly, rather than only via a phone number or email address. We solved this problem by putting quick contact forms on the homepage and in the footer of every page. This gives a person the opportunity to reach out to Mrs. Siegel, anytime of the day, thorough her website, which takes just a few seconds. Their message is then sent directly to her email, where she can respond to them.

We made the site responsive so it’s viewable on any device and very SEO friendly. We matched the the color palate to her actual office, which is very calm, relaxing and classic – wiht neutral colors. The new website has the opportunity for forms to be available for new clients. Rather than spending time filling them out when they arrive, they can now download and bring the forms with them into the first appointment.

Working with her was very a nice experience, we think her clients are very lucky to find her and we hope this website helps connect more people to her.

View the website here:

Therapist In Scottsdale

before website update

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